Tiny House Movement

What is a Tiny House? Introducing the Tiny House Movement

With UK house price uncertainty, particularly for first time buyers, trends focused around alternative, more affordable housing are on the rise and the Tiny House Movement is interesting to watch.

The movement, which originally gained popularity in the US, is both architectural and social in its promotion of a simpler life in a smaller space. A growing trend for those wanting a more modest and less cluttered lifestyle, the Tiny House Movement champions financial prudence and shared community experiences. It is also economically safe and reflects a shift in consumerism-driven mindsets. The trend has already inspired Netflix’s latest hit, Tiny House Nation, which sees renovation experts travel across America to help people design and construct their own tiny house in the smallest of spaces. According to Tiny House Nation, size doesn’t matter, it is creativity that counts. Plankbridge shepherd’s huts have appeared in several books and websites in the USA.

The Longview Custom Made hut at Swallowtail Hill

What is a Tiny House exactly?

Typically, no larger than 400sq ft and no smaller than 80sq ft, a tiny house is easy to maintain, has low energy consumption, and is more affordable to buy outright. Using clever design tricks, a tiny house allows space for all the much-needed necessities, such as a living space, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, as well as essential storage.

Although they can be built on foundations, traditional tiny houses are made with movement in mind and are usually built on a trailer or set of wheels. This not only provides tiny house owners the freedom to move their home whenever and wherever they wander, it also avoids planning permission, which can be costly and invasive.

In addition to appealing to those seeking a more minimalist lifestyle, tiny houses are gaining popularity on Airbnb, sitting comfortably in a homeowner’s garden to provide extra income. The tiny house movement has also caught the attention of young people who are priced out of the housing – and sometimes rental – market. Low salaries, high rents, and astronomical mortgage deposits have driven young people to look at alternative living solutions. A tiny house is becoming one of the more desirable options, especially as it enables parents to make space for their children at home – in the garden – whilst still protecting everyone’s independence.

Bunk beds in a Custom Made hut

Buying your own Tiny House

Our fitted Cabin is an ideal tiny house, as it often features a bed, kitchen, shower room, and living area. As with all of our shepherd’s huts, our Cabin comes with a 20-year-build guarantee, our huts are made sustainably and costs 80% less than the average price of a typical first home. And, if our 99sq ft Cabin is a little too tiny for you, we can go bigger with a bespoke hut. Unlike our Snug or Cabin, which are both designed to specific sizes and dimensions, our Custom Made huts can be built in a variety of shapes and sizes, helping you create your perfect tiny house.

Shepherd’s hut bathroom
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