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Multi-award winning The Pig Hotels (including AA Hotel Group of the Year) have commissioned over twenty huts from Plankbridge, from traditional sized Treatment Rooms to their large Super Wagons. Initially we were asked by Robin and Judy Hutson to supply a 12’ custom spa shepherd’s hut for the Pig in the Forest, and two spa huts, two bedroom huts and two bathroom huts for the Pig on the Beach, Studland. We were led very much by The Pig style and requirements and were guided by the brilliant architects as they work on the hotel projects.

Garden Wagon exterior
Garden Wagon interior (The Pig in the South Downs)

Since then we have made Garden Wagons for The Pig at Harlyn Bay and the new Pig in the South Downs. The Garden Wagons are very ‘The Pig’ – clad and lined in amazing reclaimed timber and lots of Pig detailing. The Garden Wagons are much bigger, at 22′ long by nearly 10′ wide. More are following on for The Pig at Combe in Devon, and Bridge Place in Kent.

Interior of a Garden Wagon

With commercial projects such as this we work closely with the customer to ensure we fulfil the brief and the units will serve their purpose to the utmost. Being lead by a theme or style is fun, and the Pig shepherd’s huts use materials as diverse as scaffold boards, rough sawn, aged interior timber cladding and superb quality en suite bathroom fittings such as cast iron baths and big showers. The Garden Wagons feature some very characterful reclaimed timbers, when we unwrap the packs of timber you can often smell the hay from the barn that the timber came from.

‘We love our Plankbridge shepherd’s huts so much that we now have lots of them’

It’s great to see the huts and wagons featured in lots of media articles, and being so popular with their guests. It’s important to us that each project has unique qualities to each customer; the Pig huts are very much theirs. We enjoy working up unique detailing for your own project, do get in touch with your ideas.

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