Choose one of our most popular shepherd’s hut interiors layout designs, and choose your own colours, then get in touch to discuss your ideas.

The Snug

The Snug is based on the traditional proportions of the Victorian originals. This is the one most true to the heritage of the shepherd’s hut, dating back to the mid 1800’s. It is suitable for a wide range of uses from garden office, spare bedroom, home studio.

Our most popular Snug design has a single stable door, wood burner (or cast iron radiator), day bed, knee-hole desk and bookshelves. 240v electrics or off-grid 12v solar can be fitted if required.

If you have a specific interior layout design in mind, please get in touch and we can work things up from a blank canvas.

The floor is engineered European oak, the doors and windows are durable, seasoned oak, hand made and oiled here in Dorset.

Pricing includes delivery. Siting by crane etc is extra.

The Cabin

The Cabin is an expanded version of the traditional shepherd’s hut, and is wider and often longer. Plankbridge Cabins are in use as offices, studios and extra accommodation in the garden. The Cabin design has half-glazed double doors, cast iron radiator, bench seat / table / bed combination and a small kitchen. Choosing our most popular Cabin layout is the most straightforward way to commission a shepherd’s hut. You just choose the colours and cladding. We can also work up a design from a blank canvas to suit you.

All huts come with 240v electrics, with the alternative option of ‘off-grid’ 12 volt if required. The floor is European oak, the doors and windows are in durable, seasoned Oak handmade and oiled here in Dorset. Pricing includes straightforward delivery. Siting by crane etc is extra.

The Lodge

The Lodge model, being scaled up further from the Cabin, gives you even more comfortable, useable space. Whilst a Cabin layout with kitchen and bathroom provides all the space you need for tinyhouse living, the Lodge definitely feels that bit more spacious. It does, of course, have more of a commanding presence in the landscape and needs careful positioning within a garden setting. There is no doubt that of the three sizes of Snug, Cabin and Lodge there will be a size that serves you well.

Interiors brands we work with

Fittings & Fixtures

We choose fixtures and fittings from leading brands such as lighting from the Wall Lighting Company, and customers often specify brands such as Rocket St George and Jim Lawrence. The furniture is all designed and made in our own workshop. Our furniture makers have experience working in several of the famous Dorset workshops. We use only sustainable, temperate hardwoods and softwoods. Oak, ash and Douglas fir are favourites, and usually oak for worktops, although other timbers are available.

Light switches and sockets are from Elesi.

Options to consider: double bed, bunks, sofa bed, shutters, desk, table, dresser, bedside table, wood burner, radiator, kitchen unit, shower room.

Artist's Studio

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