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From £29,000

Modern life led us to extend the sizes of a Snug to create more useable space, whilst carefully maintaining the all-important shepherd’s hut proportions.

The iconic curved roof is what says shepherd’s hut from a mile away; that’s where the magic lies.

As with all of our shepherd’s huts the Cabin benefits from an insulated construction for year round comfort.

We have delivered huts to a wide variety of locations, from urban back gardens to Scottish mountainsides, and customers often say ‘it looks like it’s always been there’.

The Cabin really is a very versatile option that sits well anywhere.

Get in touch to talk through your plans: 01300 348414 | enquiries@plankbridge.com

The simple way to a home office or spare room...

The same craftsmanship and design goes into the larger Cabin as the Snug, from the oak windows and doors, the oak floor and the expertly made furniture. The Signature model shown has double doors on the side, a great addition to make the best of the views. The versatile interior provides for a multitude of potential uses. The cast iron electric radiator is a space saving option, taking up less room than a wood-burner. This wider model, with the attributes of a dwelling, benefits from 5% VAT.

Customers with Plankbridge Cabins include: artists, TV presenters, several award winning glamping sites, retirees and former politicians (but not that one).

Do get in touch to talk through your plans: 01300 348414 | enquiries@plankbridge.com

Plankbridge Cabin shepherd's hut

Why choose the Signature Cabin model?

16′ x 7’6″ / 110 sq ft. of floor space (Also available as 14′ and 18′)

The Signature Cabin model shown is the culmination of our years of experience curated into a suggested design layout that we know works well. 

It offers the straightest path to getting the shepherd’s hut of your dreams. We can, of course, work up a configuration to suit you.

Signature Cabin hut design as shown £49,300. Includes oak double doors, two oak windows, table/ bench seat/ double bed combination, small kitchen, electrics, VAT and standard delivery.

Get in touch to talk through your plans: 01300 348414 | enquiries@plankbridge.com

Plankbridge Cabin shepherd's hut interior

Uses for our shepherd's huts

We have put together some information about the uses for shepherd’s huts:

Artist's Studio

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