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The Snug

The Snug

The Snug is our most traditional shepherd's hut

It can take a standard double mattress (at 1.9m long) across the width if required, with a head and foot recess.
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Unlike our Cabin or Bespoke hut options, The Snug is based on the proportions of a traditional Victorian shepherd’s hut – true to the heritage of the originals but ready for a wide range of contemporary uses.

The Snug comes in a choice of corrugated or timber cladding, your choice of traditional and contemporary colours and an unfurnished or fitted interior. Choice of single or double doors in English oak, and a range of layout options are available upon request. Pricing includes delivery (plus extra for siting by crane etc)

Prices from £19,500. A selection of ready now huts may be available for delivery to suit you. Do get in touch for further details.

The Snug Dimensions

External length: From 12’

External width: 6’8 (2.03m)

Suggested layout without fittings

Suggested layout with fittings

Interior Options

  • Single or double doors
  • Double bed, bunks or sofa bed
  • Shutters, desk, table, dresser
  • Wood burner or radiator
More information

Ordering & Delivery

You may like to try different cladding and colour options above to find your preferred hut match. Then click ‘Get a quote’ or do get in touch to discuss your ideas.

We’ll get back to your promptly to talk through your choice of hut, your preferred interior and check that delivery and access is all OK, or if we need to plan how best to achieve it.

Shepherd’s hut build and delivery takes on average three months but we may also have a small range of our most popular huts in stock that could be yours now.

Moving a Plankbridge shepherd's hut
Rachel - Plankbridge Hut transport