Shepherd's Hut Granny Annexe

Are granny annexes really this stylish…?

These days the desire to regroup the family in later years is becoming a familiar thing again. Combining forces and property value often makes sense, and placing a well thought out shepherd’s hut, our self-contained Signature Lodge is a great example, is an easy solution. Delivered to site and connected to the services, or off-grid if it’s easier, it is a sure-fire way to get a pied-a-terre for parents to live close to home.

A family member may be in need of day-to-day assistance, or simply the close-at-hand company of family and friends. Our huts can help. We have also supplied shepherd’s huts to accommodate live-in carers adjacent to the person’s home.

Plankbridge Shepherd's Huts

The Signature Lodge design is far and away the straightest route to achieving a garden annexe – you simply choose left or right hand layout, and your preferred colours. We can configure the Signature shepherd’s hut design with variations on the standard layout of bed, kitchen, en-suite and anything else to suit your needs.

Whatever you choose, your annexe will have a homely, contemporary feel. Then you have the fun of dressing the interior to suit your taste. We can leave out things like bedside tables and seats if your favourite items from home will fit. The beauty is its not a huge dwelling to interior design. Some quality time spent on-line and browsing the shops for inspiration will soon see your homestead on wheels looking worthy of a stylish magazine photo shoot.

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