Children's Shepherd's Hut Playroom

A shepherd’s hut playroom for the children

Family life can put pressure on home space, and you see lots of creative ideas on interiors TV shows that, in theory, help flip the house from play room to living room. The practicalities for some people to do this successfully, and avoid treading on the Lego bricks, is a challenge. Slightly older children could enjoy a playroom set-up inside a shepherd’s hut.

There are lots of creative ways to enjoy a hut, to enjoy arts and crafts, or set up an Airfix model making studio, or a model railway. Or both. How about an open plan spec, which can evolve as the children grow, to one day quietly revising for A levels with their own dedicated desk and storage.

A space to call their own

Giving the children a space to run wild in and around the shepherd’s hut could help to keep the home clutter-free with some peace and quiet. It also gives them a space they can call their own. Hopefully they will feel a sense of responsibility and ownership over keeping their shepherd’s hut tidy and play-friendly, making it a place in which they may develop their independence and establish confidence in themselves.

A shepherd’s hut is also a very cool place to host sleepovers and there is no limit to how the interiors could be styled. A fairy-tale magic kingdom or an underwater themed sensory experience, allowing their imagination to grow and develop.

A Plankbridge shepherd’s hut is designed to be flexible to your family’s needs. It’s not limited like a Wendy house. It’s built to last like a family heirloom- adaptable and multifunctional.

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