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From a well-stocked library to a snug cinema room

For the more adventurous, a shepherd’s hut can be a quirky additional space. Perhaps you feel free to let your hair down in the shepherd’s hut in ways that you may not within the home. We’ve seen bold and whacky colours, metallic wallpaper, fairy lights set into bird boxes on a hazel branch. Mostly achieved by accessorising, so that your shepherd’s hut interior can adapt as your style changes and develops. At Plankbridge we aim to give you the best of all worlds. That’s why our team work hard to give your shepherd’s hut the personality it deserves with the attention to detail that you would expect from the country’s leading hut makers.

Whatever quirky idea you may have for your hut, we can make it a reality. Our range of shepherd’s huts can be tweaked or more bespoke huts can be as pared back, or as intricate as you deem necessary. We will build to fit your needs.

Treasured and completely your own

Do you picture yourself in your hut on a cold winter’s evening, cuddling up on your sofa by the wood-burner and watching a movie in your own home cinema?

A decent sized screen and some real cinema seats sourced from an auction site would be fantastic. You could set up a surround sound system, the acoustics would be amazing. You may be a bookworm and want to retreat to a library shepherd’s hut where you can immerse yourself in your literature in the comfiest armchair and a glass of wine. A shepherd’s hut wine cellar, with wine racks and fridge, shelving for glasses and books, aged paintings on the wall, a side table next to a worn leather Chesterfield. That’s sounding good!

Every hut that we make can have a personal touch. Perhaps it references a favourite colour that resonates with your past, or your partner’s favourite chair sits in the corner, or perhaps a special gift from a loved one gets pride of place.

Every bespoke hut is unique, and with your input your hut will be unlike any other.

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