NEW: Our latest Ready to Roll hut – a 20′ Cabin

We are very pleased to share with you that we have a new Ready to Roll hut – a 20′ Cabin in the pioneering new Watermill aesthetic

The next shepherd’s hut to hit the Ready to Roll bay, is a 20’ Cabin, with the pioneering new Watermill interior. Co-founder Richard is really keen to get this made and photographed, and he’s confident it will be one of the best Plankbridge huts ever. With limed oak joinery and a rubbed-back, time-worn, and mellow feel, this is something very special.

The 20′ Ready to Roll Cabin CAD drawings
The 20′ Ready to Roll Cabin layout

This hut is priced at £64,778 including VAT and standard delivery. Do get in touch to put your name down on this hut, with a double bed, kitchen, and shower room all finished in the evocative, sun-bleached, and very on-trend interior finish.

This hut is on the framing bench, so whilst it’s not ready now, it will be ready very soon!

Explore our Cabin model and find more inspiration here and email our friendly team at [email protected] or call us on 01300 348414 for more information

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