Sending a shepherd’s hut to the other side of the world: An incredible journey to New Zealand

Our customers are very fond of their shepherd’s huts, and many take them with them when they move house. However, Daniel Suter took this to a whole new level when he decided to ship his Plankbridge hut all the way across the world from Scotland to New Zealand.

Hannah got in touch with Daniel to see how the move went and how his shepherd’s hut fitted into his new life on the other side of the world.

  • First of all, tell us about the incredible journey your shepherd’s hut took to get to New Zealand

Our hut travelled from the West Coast of Scotland on 14 June 2022 and arrived exactly three months later on 14 September in New Zealand. She had quite the journey, from her idyllic site overlooking the Sound of Jura all the way to Christchurch.

The shepherd’s hut being loaded onto the ship

What made you decide to take it all that way with you?

After leaving Scotland we moved to a lifestyle block in New Zealand, with sheep and an orchard, and knew the hut would be in a perfect location. After selling our Scotland home we didn’t know if it was possible to ship the hut. We were very fortunate to find a shipping firm who were prepared to take on the challenge. Their super-efficient operations manager arranged everything for us without a hitch. Now our hut must be one of the most well-travelled ever and no doubt would have some stories to tell of her adventures on the high seas!

View of the shepherd’s hut from the meadow

Why did you choose Plankbridge to make your shepherd’s hut?

We did a lot of research to find a hut that could withstand the wild weather on the West Coast of Scotland. Richard and the team made an extremely solid and sturdy shepherd’s hut that is so warm and cosy – so we knew it would be robust enough for the long journey to New Zealand.

What do you use your shepherd’s hut for? 

I still work remotely, so use it as an office. I often get remarks on my backdrop when on virtual calls – with people thinking I’m on a boat! Shepherd’s huts are a more functional design here for use on farms, so nobody recognised what the hut was when it arrived.

Where is your shepherd’s hut located?

We have our hut in one of the paddocks, where it sits amongst wildflowers and our apple orchard – with the sheep close by.

Dan’s Plankbridge shepherd’s hut in his New Zealand meadow

Any favourite details in your shepherd’s hut?

There is nothing better than starting the day by chopping some wood for the stove and putting the billy on for some tea. Then I’m set for the working day. It’s great to work in an environment that can inspire you and the hut certainly achieves that.

Front view of the shepherd’s hut, with double doors

We have sent our shepherd’s huts all around the world, most recently to Wisconsin, and it’s wonderful to hear about their travels.

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