Hut Stories: The colourful world of Aller Dorset

Cat and Ant Earpe launched a very successful glamping business on their farm in rural Dorset in April 2021. If you have come across the Aller Dorset Instagram account or have been lucky enough to stay there, you will know just how beautiful and enchanting these four Custom Made huts are.

We started by asking Cat what it was that made them decide upon shepherd’s huts as their holiday accommodation, “Ant and I live on the family farm, and we have always loved going to spend time by the lake on the land as it is so peaceful and beautiful there. One day, looking out over the view, we had the idea to create a space to allow guests to enjoy this place we adore, too!” But this wasn’t the only reason that shepherd’s huts had such appeal, “Being in an area of outstanding natural beauty, shepherd’s huts seemed the perfect solution as they do not require much planning permission. It was also a wonderful way to diversify the business of the farm.”

The reduced need for planning permission is indeed a plus point for many of our customers. If your hut is going to be placed in your garden and privately used, planning permission isn’t generally required, which makes them a great alternative to an extension.  If a material change of use occurs, for business use on a field for example, then planning permission will probably be required, although we haven’t heard of many problems achieving it.

“The Plankbridge quality is second to none.”

We asked Cat what it was that then made them choose Plankbridge, When researching options after having the initial idea, we came across Plankbridge, an amazing company based near the farm. It’s important to make the most of local talented craftspeople, and the Plankbridge quality is second to none.” 

“Hosting guests and giving them a wonderful stay with us is so rewarding.”

Aller Dorset has seen great success in a very short amount of time, and we often get asked what it’s like to run your own glamping holiday business so we thought who better to answer that than Cat, “It certainly keeps me busy! I had so much fun designing the huts with Plankbridge, creating the interiors and all the little extras to make the Aller experience special. Hosting guests and giving them a wonderful stay with us is so rewarding.” Starting a new business can be very daunting but Cat and Ant’s success shows how possible it is, after all, staycations are more popular than ever.

“A space that is both characterful and comfortable.”

A big draw to the four Custom Made huts is the beautiful and unique interior design. Each hut, whilst the same layout as the others, has its own individual colour palette. The colours are bright, bold, and utterly charming. Cat explains to us where she finds her interior design inspiration, “I have been really interested in the world of interior design for years now and how to create a space that is both characterful and comfortable. Colour and print is a key element for me – I like to go bold! I have been inspired by interior designers I love such as Lucy Barlow and Beata Heuman, as well as the Soho House group hotels – and Instagram!”.

Aller Dorset is the perfect place to stay if you are thinking of visiting our workshop in Dorset as it is only a short drive away over beautiful rolling Dorset hills.

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