Haute Huts: 10 ways to transform your shepherd’s hut in 2019

Space is a luxury and most of us need to do more with less. It’s one of the reasons why the trend for shepherd’s huts will continue to grow in 2019, as we seek to transform outdoor areas in to functional spaces with year-round purpose, all without the upheaval and cost of moving house.

What will you do with your Plankbridge hut? From the functional and enterprising to the innovative and imaginative, we’ve got plenty of ideas to inspire your plans.

Home hot desk

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur needing a new HQ or want to work Fridays from home, as employers become more flexible, so having a home-working space has become more popular. A bespoke hut office means come 5.30pm, you can lock away the work day and celebrate home life.


If you love books, what could be more indulgent that creating your own at-home library? Walls of your favourite tomes become a readymade backdrop whilst seating and a wood burner will provide comfortable luxury.

Hut Holidays

Rent out your hut and let other holidaymakers have their own hut adventure! It’s not all about rural locations or seaside settings – huts in quirky places can provide amazing boltholes for those seeking original experiences.

Star gazer's observatory

There’s nothing quite like an evening under the stars but most people prefer some home comforts. With 100 thousand million stars in the Milky Way alone and some 4,000 visible to the naked eye, countless wonders await you on any clear night.  Carefully positioned doors and windows in your hut mean that as dusk falls, you could be star gazing from the comfort of your own hut bed.

Party Pad

How do you like to entertain? Movie nights? Cocktail soirees? Dinner parties? Simply equip your hut with home cinema, wireless speakers, wine cooler and friends. A good night is guaranteed.

Yoga or meditation studio

Sometimes it’s not just physical space we crave. Transforming a hut into a more mindful retreat is easy. Underfloor heating will ensure your space is warm enough to downward-dog in winter, whilst bespoke glass windows can immerse you in a natural environment.

Pamper hut

It’s easy to unwind in a small space if it’s carefully designed. We’ve transformed huts in to luxury mini-spas and you can do the same. You can install a rain shower, a grooming station with plenty of mirrors and treatment area, all with optional views depending on privacy.

Boomerang bungalow

Children returning from university can pose a space problem for families. A hut is the perfect half-way house, providing independence and privacy without exorbitant rent. And when they eventually fly the nest, your hut can evolve in to guest accommodation.

Kid's Den

If you have young children and are forever sidestepping toys, a hut could be your space saviour. Our huts can be transformed into themed playrooms whilst plenty of storage means books, toys and soft toys have a permanent home.  Playroom, craft room or teenage den, you can adapt your hut until it's time to reclaim it for adult use!

Artist's studio

Creating a masterpiece requires peace, quiet and good light. Whatever your medium, a hut can accommodate your creative aspirations. Storage for paint, seating for comfort, a kitchen for the prerequisite tea break and floor to ceiling windows for an abundance of light.

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