Shepherd’s Huts for the USA

Sending shepherd’s huts across the Atlantic

A chat with a potential customer a few years ago lead to an order for two shepherd’s huts to be delivered to Wisconsin. More recently we have delivered to New York State. But how did we do it?

The first two US shepherd’s huts were shipped by container, and the customer added the roof sections once they were unloaded in Wisconsin. The New York delivery was even easier, with a complete shepherd’s hut being shipped ‘door to door’. We have unrivalled experience in international shipping, and are pleased to help.

International shipping is exciting, and having satisfied customers in the US is very rewarding.

“You have been so much fun to work with and I love my shepherd’s hut. Next mission is to furnish my new home.”

One of the shepherd’s huts in Wisconsin

Your Own Hut – Stateside

If you’d like to enjoy the delights of your very own shepherd’s hut then explore our range of hut designs. From our workshop in rural Dorset our team of hut makers are able to create a hand-crafted space that combines classic craftsmanship with contemporary living. Once complete, our huts can be shipped across the Atlantic to whichever state in America you’re based in.

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