Luxury shepherd’s huts

You might think it’s a bit of a misnomer when people often ask if we make luxury shepherd’s huts. From their humble and bucolic beginnings shepherd’s huts might be thought of as evocative and atmospheric, but ‘luxury’?

It got me thinking, as you see luxury banded about in advertising parlance as if there’s no tomorrow, to the point where its meaning is somewhat diluted. Is it a good or bad thing? Luxury may be seen as an indulgence, enjoying pleasures which are expensive but perhaps not really necessary.

A quick check of the dictionary and luxury is something that is ‘a comfort, often among beautiful and expensive surroundings,’ which does acknowledge the significant purchase of a shepherd’s hut very well. I would however take issue with the suggestion that it might not really be necessary.

A well designed and dressed shepherd’s hut really does make a very luxurious space; warm, cosy and with the addition of wool blankets and carefully selected soft furnishings it will lift your spirits and place you firmly in the lap of luxury.

Huts at The Pig On the Beach

We have made around 600 shepherd’s huts now, and I can’t think of any which are simply an indulgence, they all have a purpose which helps people sleep, work and play. We add the finer details, such as the hand-crafted leather door straps and the wrought iron window furniture which aren’t really a luxury, but they are beautiful and enhance your enjoyment of the space. For anything to be considered luxury, it has to stand up to the test of high quality, great design, uniqueness and fit for the purpose it is intended.

 For me, when I see the word ‘luxury’ I think of the 60’s Kinks song ‘Sunny Afternoon’, where the singer seemingly has not got much left but:

‘And I love to live so pleasantly,

Live this life of luxury,

Lazin’ on a sunny afternoon.’

 A luxury shepherd’s hut will certainly go a long way to help with that.

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