Morning coffee in a shepherd’s hut

‘We absolutely love our shepherd’s hut! From the moment we unlock the door first thing in the morning our shepherd’s hut is our haven of peace.’

Anita, Plankbridge customer

What better way to mark International Coffee Day than to hear how Plankbridge hut owner Anita uses her shepherd’s hut as the perfect garden room to enjoy her morning coffee…

‘We start the day with our first morning coffee around 8.30am. The ritual of brewing coffee in our mini kitchen and sitting at our little fold-down table sets us up for the day. We have our mid-morning coffee in there at 11am, time to meet up (we both work from home in different workshops/offices) and catch up with what has been happening and to discuss jobs we need to attend to. We usually have our second brew with a biscuit or flapjack from one of our favourite Yorkshire bakers.’

Morning coffee enjoyed on the steps of Anita’s shepherd’s hut

This routine is a great way to take a step back from working from home, somewhere just far enough away from the back door to give Anita and her partner that all-important sense of separation from their busy work lives. Anita sums it up perfectly: 

‘We feel we are “getting away” from our house, work desk and indoor jobs and we can just simply relax. And our dog loves it as much as we do!’

Coffee companion on the steps of the shepherd’s hut

Anita’s hut is set up for a range of uses, making it perfect for every day, as well as special occasions, and has a bed with plenty of storage underneath, as well as a small wood burner so that guests can have a comfortable, cosy place to stay all year round. These fittings, combined with the fold-down table and well-equipped coffee station, mean that Anita’s family really can get the most out of this extra space in their garden.

‘On sunny days we have a picnic in the hut if it is a nice afternoon, relaxing and enjoying a wonderful view of the garden from the elevated position. It is like going on a mini holiday for us!’

Anita’s shepherd’s hut is tucked into her lovely cottage garden

Cleverly designed storage is key, especially in a small space designed for relaxation, and Anita uses the cupboards to store her fresh coffee beans, crockery and biscuit tin. This was an integral part of this shepherd’s hut design for Anita, so our talented design team made sure she could make the most of her space. 

‘The time we spend in our hut is always relaxing. Because the hut is so beautiful and cosy, it is like being cocooned in a warm and peaceful environment.’

Doors open wide to make the most of the sunshine

‘Why did we choose Plankbridge? That’s easy: we wanted the best! There hasn’t been one thing that has annoyed us, everything is beautifully made, it is obvious how much care and attention to detail has gone into building the hut too. We love it and if we had more space, I’d have a second Plankbridge hut in a flash with a little bathroom and maybe a comfy chair to just sit and read and relax. Maybe one day!’

If you are looking for the perfect extra space in your garden, we have a couple of build slots available that would get your hut to you by Christmas, perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee and a mince pie or two. Get in touch to have a chat about your shepherd’s hut ideas on 01300 348414 or [email protected]

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