How a shepherd’s hut could improve your leisure time

Are you getting enough downtime? Enough time to down tools, relax and decompress? If you are worried the answer might be no, that’s something you might want to look at. Find out why a shepherd’s hut could give you the perfect place to liberate your spontaneous, playful side and live a life more wholesome.

All work and no play…

Work. Sometimes it seems we live in an age where the daily grind matters the most. But there is, of course, more to life than being busy. And you will notice some compelling benefits when you start making more time for play and relaxation.

Research shows that play releases endorphins, improves brain function and stimulates creativity, while contributing to successful problem solving. Playful adults are less stressed too. And aside from promoting happiness and making you feel good, play is thought to help prevent depression and reduce the risk of developing age-related diseases.

Woman reading besides a woodburner in a shepherds hut

The perfect place to do what you love best

Many customers use our shepherd’s huts as an extra bedroom. But rather than just a place to stay, a hut can be a place for play. It gives you the perfect space – away from the distractions of the house. A designated area to hunker down, remove yourself from the worries of the world and enjoy some quality you time. And not only can we give you the space, but the technology too. Your hut can be kitted out with all manner of audio and visual gear as well as high spec broadband.

Sounds good? Below are some of our favourite ways you can use a Plankbridge shepherd’s hut to improve your leisure time. How would you use yours?

Break out the board games

There’s a simple joy to whiling away a few hours with a board game or two and a little company. A shepherd’s hut gives you the perfect place to concentrate on the competition – where the only distraction will be the gentle crackling of the log burner. Put your phone on Do Not Disturb and enjoy a digital detox while you’re at it. And if you’d rather be alone? Well, few things are as meditative as a glass of wine and a jigsaw.

Just press play

If you’re a music fan, how about an evening of sharing your favourite tunes with your special someone? Our huts come with a good level of soundproofing – so you’ll be able to maintain an equilibrium with your neighbours. We can even fit a jukebox for you. Film buff? Dim the lights, hunker down and settle in for a movie or two.

Pick up an instrument

From listening to music to making it. A shepherd’s hut gives you a dedicated, private space for learning a new instrument or practicing one that you already enjoy. Sometimes there is no finer escapism than spending an hour or two with a musical instrument. Our shepherd’s huts give you all the freedom you need.

A pad for the big game

Games room? We can comfortably fit a pinball machine and other arcade classics into your shepherd’s hut. Or create a hideaway where your favourite console is always ready and enjoy spending some downtime with your favourite games. Alternatively turn your shepherd’s hut into the perfect place to watch your favourite sports with your friends – whether it’s the biggest football fixture of the weekend or the Superbowl.

cinema shepherds hut

Garden games

During the long, balmy evenings of summer, it feels great to be outside. Whether you are having a BBQ with friends or playing football with your children a shepherd’s hut gives you the perfect place for preparing drinks, plating up nibbles or using the bathroom facilities, without traipsing to and from the house every five minutes. Pass the Pimm’s.

Child’s play…

Children don’t usually need to be reminded to play. Whether it’s a den that will be the envy of their friends or a teenage hideout that inspires creativity, a Plankbridge hut will give them a space for making memories they will remember forever.

How would you use yours?

Designed and built by master craftsmen, a Plankbridge hut is made for living and guaranteed for life. Created with locally sourced materials, our huts are weatherproofed as well as soundproofed. We are also the only hut maker endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society. We are very confident in the quality of our builds and we would love to welcome you to visit the workshop and showroom to see the craftsmen and women at work.

Hunker down with a Plankbridge hut

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