Meet the Team – Senior Hutmaker Rikki

This is the first of a series of ‘Meet the hutmaker’ where you can find out a little more about the team, and what makes them tick.

Meet Rikki – Team Leader

Rikki grew up in Wool, Dorset and has lived there all his life, and continues living there to this day. He enjoys the community and the social side of things in the village. My family have connections with Wool too. One of the most satisfying aspects of Plankbridge is that people can continue to live and work in rural parts of Dorset.

He had just turned 18 when he started at Plankbridge, and went on to complete levels 1 to 3 Site Carpentry at Weymouth College, followed by Diploma level 1 and 2. He says he’s glad to have the qualifications under his belt.

What does he do at Plankbridge?

Having started as an apprentice Rikki shadowed some of our senior hutmakers and learned everything from the benefits of a tidy bench through to working within time frames and interacting with the team as a whole. His skill and enthusiasm has meant he has risen to Senior Hutmaker and, whilst crafting shepherd’s huts himself, he keeps an eye on the progress of all the huts through the workshop. He also maintains the build method refined over many years and together with Head of Production Nicola he decides who does what from day to day. Oh, and he entertains everyone too!

Where is his favourite place to eat out in Dorset?

Without hesitation he says he really likes the 7bone Burger Company in Bournemouth. I’ve just looked at the website – wow, they do indeed look like huge, and very nice, American burgers!

What has he done with the shepherd’s huts recently that he particularly enjoyed?

The latest hut had black, rebated featheredge cladding, a traditional weatherboard which is often seen on barns, and increasingly is being seen on new properties. Most of our shepherd’s huts are clad in iconic corrugated iron. Rikki says he enjoyed the timber cladding as it’s something a bit different to the normal hut builds.

What makes a good weekend?

Lots of things, but if the weather is good, a walk in Wareham Forest or if it‘s bad then lots of guitar playing.

What do you like about Plankbridge?

Rikki says he is always keen to get to work and enjoys the nice atmosphere and working with the team. This fits so well with our Arts and Crafts approach, being inspired as we are by the 19th century Arts and Crafts movement. William Morris said he thought that all work should be a source of pride and satisfaction, and that everyone should be entitled to beautiful surroundings.

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