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How it all began

In the beginning

Around the year 2000 Richard and Jane discovered an ancient old shepherd’s hut on a nearby drove close to author Thomas Hardy’s cottage in Dorset. Shepherd’s huts provided shelter for the Victorian shepherd and his dog as he tended his flock on the downlands of Southern England. It was this lonely, characterful hut that sowed the seeds of an idea...

What's in a name?

Just prior to this hut discovery Richard was inspired to call his then furniture making business ‘Plankbridge.’ There is a book, ‘A Plank Bridge By A Pool’ by artist and famous cartoonist Norman Thelwell which chronicles how he created lakes and streams adjacent to the River Test in Hampshire. Richard has found this book inspirational since his teenage years, hence calling his business Plankbridge.

Full circle

When the old original hut on the hill was suddenly sold Richard set about making a reproduction, researching Dorset huts to get the proportions just right. From the outset the walls were insulated and lined like a timber framed house, making it a cosy space suitable for a wide range of contemporary uses. One hut led to another and by 2007 Plankbridge was making shepherd’s huts full time; true hut making pioneers. They couldn’t quite believe it when the new owners of Thelwell’s old place ordered a hut with double doors to sit by the actual lake and bridges that have enthralled Richard for all those years.

Now Plankbridge has the country’s leading team of fourteen hutmaking craftsmen working out of a 15,000 square foot workshop, making huts for delivery from Cornwall to Suffolk, Jersey to Scotland. Huts have even been delivered to New York and Wisconsin, USA. Get in touch if you would like to discuss a particular design or project, or to find out about our latest ‘ready made’ hut for a quick delivery.