Grandchildren’s Holiday Home

How about making a trip to the grandparents even more exciting with their very own shepherd’s hut holiday home...

There is something magical about going to stay with your grandparents, and it lays down lifelog memories. By creating a Plankbridge shepherd’s hut that your grandchildren can use as a holiday home too, you’ll make these early memories sparkle.

If you downsized after your children fled the nest, and then grandchildren followed shortly after, a Plankbridge shepherd’s hut is an easy, flexible way to accommodate anyone who wants to gravitate home again.

Making lifelong memories

Snuggling up with a hot chocolate, bedtime stories and maybe even a midnight feast. It will make for some truly unique childhood memories in an environment that’s cosy and safe. A bookcase filled with the complete Arthur Ransome’s, or the Harry Potter series and a nightlight shining constellations across the curved ceiling.

Adaptable and changeable

Shepherd’s huts are great at being multi-purpose, they can be configured for a wide range of practical functions that evolve over the years. One day the children’s spare bedroom could become a relaxing garden room for you to have an afternoon snooze. There are endless possibilities and our knowledgeable design team can help you make the most of the space.

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