Shepherd’s huts in the Cotswolds

The Cotswolds mean a lot to founder Richard, as his first job was on a pioneering nature reserve on the Cotswold Water Park back in the late 80’s. At aged 18 it was definitely a wake-up call and instilled in him a passion for hard work and conservation, and gave him a foundation in such a broad range of experiences such as Finnish log cabin construction, tree planting and building bridges.

 The Cotswolds is, of course, incredibly picturesque, famous worldwide for its scenery and beautiful architecture. It has a unique character that can only evolve over years and years of heritage, all layering up to create villages and towns which simply exude the history of what’s gone before.

 We have delivered lots of shepherd’s huts across the Cotswolds, to iconic places such as Burford and beautiful Bourton-on-the-Water on the River Windrush. Many of these towns grew prosperous on the sheep farming and wool trade making a shepherd’s hut a good fit in many ways.

We have worked on Cotswold hotel projects and several really successful Air B&B’s, as well as a caterer’s hut at Daylesford Farm shop.

The caterer’s hut at Daylesford Organic Farm Shop

Plankbridge is very aware of the importance of landscape and heritage, and we are duty bound to design and make in a way that sits well in the landscape. One of Richard’s aims is to ensure that the reaction of customers, on delivery of their shepherd’s huts in the Cotswolds, is ‘Well it looks like it’s always been there.’ That’s a good measure of whether we have got things right, as we definitely don’t want to introduce something into the built environment or the open landscape that upsets anyone or frightens the horses. We still take great pride in seeing a carefully designed and crafted shepherd’s hut being positioned, and landscaped, into place.

The sign-written caterer’s hut at Daylesford

We increasingly see the demand for a fully equipped shepherds hut with either a full, or half, kitchen and a shower room being used as annexe accommodation to cottages and houses. It’s a very easy way to add auxiliary accommodation; customers simply do some basic groundworks to level a base, run the services of water and electrics, and waste pipe to the drains, and you can connect up the hut on the day of delivery and move in that evening. The interior feels so much more solid and special than any caravan or mobile home option, and is a genuine, well-crafted solution for anyone needing to create extra space. Work from home offices, art studios and yoga retreats are just some of the myriad of potential uses of our huts. 

We have a policy of using genuinely sustainable materials, and it simply feels right that the shepherd’s huts are insulated with Thermafleece sheep’s wool, and the furniture and joinery is naturally durable oak and sweet chestnut. The thought of delivering a shepherd’s hut to the Cotswolds, or anywhere else for that matter, with tropical hardwood windows or doors is anathema to us. We simply couldn’t do it.

If you are thinking of extending your home and are daunted by the prospect, or are simply looking to increase the usable floor area of your property with a garden room do get in touch with Rachel, our friendly sales manager, to chat through your ideas. We are here to help you every step of the way.

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Care in our craft, care for our planet: How we make our shepherd’s huts

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