Hut Stories – Play: A customer reveals the joys of relaxing in a shepherd’s hut

Sunset: shaken, not stirred…

“I go and chill for a while and read a book,” explains Alan Boyce on one of the ways he likes to enjoy his Plankbridge shepherd’s hut. “Or my partner and I have a Martini and watch the sun go down!”

Sometimes it seems we live in an age where the daily grind is eulogised. But there is, of course, more to life than being busy. Playful adults are less stressed. And aside from promoting happiness and making you feel good, relaxation and play is thought to help reduce the risk of developing age-related diseases like dementia.

A Plankbridge shepherd’s hut gives you the perfect place to hunker down and enjoy some you time.

The Lodge hut at Burnswood Escapes, Devon

A deal sealed while talking about wool

When you decide a shepherd’s hut is definitely for you, ambition can quickly take control. “I planned to call three companies about their huts,” Alan explains. “But after talking to Richard [Plankbridge Founder and Director],I was sold. It’s when he started explaining the different wools used in the insulation. I’m a sucker for data and detail – plus he is a good guy!”

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A place for making memories

Plankbridge huts give you a space for making memories – both old and new. “This weekend I have 50 people coming to my 60th and a professional singer friend is using it to change, plug in her gear and make her big entrance down the steps to a Shirley Bassey number!”

So far, so glam. But Alan’s most cherished memories of his hut are far simpler. “Spending time with my daughter in there – chatting, imagining and reading Harry Potter.”

Alan’s hut at the bottom of the garden

A place for comfort and cosiness

Plankbridge huts are designed to give you a feeling of fading away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. A place to unwind, relax and switch off from the world. Certainly Alan’s hut is fulfilling that purpose.

“Even though it’s in my garden it feels ‘away from home’. Plus it overlooks the wood sat the back of my house and you can see the sunset. Everyone who visits loves it and wants to stay – one friend called it her wooden womb!”

How would you use yours?

Designed and built by master craftsmen, a Plankbridge hut is created with locally sourced materials to be weatherproof as well as soundproof. We are also the only hut maker endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society. Come and take a look at our range of shepherd’s huts and find your own private paradise for play.

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