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Lancashire Artist’s Shepherd’s Hut

The Brief

We were asked to design and make a 12’ custom shepherd’s hut for an artist to position in a former quarry. The shepherd’s hut studio needed to sit on a slightly raised position, with a desk beneath a double window. In order to see the lake below we lowered the sill of the window to desk height, so the customer could sit at her desk and see the water easily. She also wanted to turn to her right and have a view of the cliff above the quarry, so she would also have a view of the resident birds of prey.

The Solution

For an artist, light is everything. So during the early draft designs of the shepherd’s hut we made sure there were enough windows. We worked hard to get the desk, storage and shelving just right too.


‘Enjoying the shepherd’s hut immensely. I’m painting in there now as I am studying Botanical Illustration in London so I need a quiet place sometimes...’