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Snug vs Cabin

Choosing a shepherd’s hut can sometimes be a little confusing. With different styles to choose from where should you begin on your shepherd hut journey? Snugs and Cabins are our mainstay, but do you know the difference between the two?

Our shepherd’s huts are based closely on the proportions of the original Victorian shepherd’s huts – The Snug being a modern version of what Thomas Hardy would be familiar with while The Cabin stretches the proportions and is even more contemporary, providing that much needed extra space that comes with modern living.

All Plankbridge shepherd’s huts are built in the same way as a modern timber frame house and are suitable for a wide range of contemporary uses. In the past they have included a home office, a playroom, studio or holiday home. Before you decide how to use yours, you’ll need to decide which of our huts will suit you and your family best.

Will it be The Snug or The Cabin?

We’ve created a handy comparison between our huts so you can see which is your best option with ease.

‍All Plankbridge Shepherd’s Huts come with a 20-year structural guarantee, are fully insulated and have been handcrafted.

To discover more about our handcrafted huts and cabins, or for a quote please do get in touch here.

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