Children's Shepherd's Huts

Just think: a children's shepherd's hut where you’ll never accidentally tread on a Lego brick again…

A shepherd’s hut playroom for the kids

Young families know: the smaller the person, the more toys they have. Naturally, not everyone has endless space in their home to accommodate all of this play, but you needn’t compromise on your little ones’ creative learning.

We like to call it the boomerang room: a children's playroom which after a hard day’s play means your little one's bounce back into the house, ready to fill you in on where their imagination took them that afternoon.

Plankbridge Shepherd's Huts

Giving the children a space to run wild will not only help you keep the home clutter-free and serene. It also gives them a space they can call their own. They’ll feel a sense of responsibility and ownership over keeping their shepherd’s hut tidy and play-friendly, making it a place they can develop their independence and establish confidence in themselves.

A Plankbridge shepherd’s hut is designed to be flexible to your family’s needs, so as the children grow up, the space can transform into a spare bedroom, a study, or a relaxing garden retreat. No Wendy House in the world could compare.
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