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A Yorkshire Dales Delivery

The Brief

A national architect and a flower farmer - what a wonderful husband and wife combination to commission a shepherd's hut for their property in The Yorkshire Dales National Park.  It is always good when architects give us a brief; we've worked with many over the years.  Their hut needed to serve as a garden office for the cut flower business and accommodate guests as required.

The Solution

Architects often contribute their own sketches and plans for us to work with as we develop our working drawings using computer aided design (CAD).  When customers visit, sometimes spending a couple of days here in Dorset, we sketch ideas there and then, which is often the first step to making your hut reality.  These days we also carry open plan 'ready now' shepherd's huts for sale for a swift delivery.


"The hut receives a steady stream of compliments and is a source of great pleasure to us every day".

"We are still just as excited every time we spend time in there!"