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Quirky Spaces

From the littlest library to a party micro-venue

There’s a world of difference between a shed and a hut. In choosing a Plankbridge shepherd’s hut, imaginative design and fastidious attention to detail will enable you to have the perfect space for your lifestyle.

Quirky Spaces - External

Plankbridge Shepherd's Huts

We’ve worked with clients who have wanted shepherd’s huts as diverse as little libraries, spa-like sanctuaries, and even party huts. Imagine hosting a dinner party in your home before retreating to the purpose-built poker den in your garden. Or perhaps you love the idea of a tiny cinema; doors open for a breezy summer flick, or woodburner lit for a cosy winter not-so-outdoor cinema (popcorn sold separately).

However you like to live and host in your home, do it in a way no one else can with your own bespoke Plankbridge shepherd’s hut.

Quirky Spaces - External - Nighttime