We've compiled some stories which we hope you will find really interesting.

Working wonders

Your place to focus. Your place to create. Discover a place that is gloriously free from distraction and gives you control over the way you work.
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Sleeping in a Shepherd's Hut Bed

Discover your ideal sleep sanctuary with a shepherd's hut bed made by master hutmaker, Richard Lee and the Plankbridge team.
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Shepherd's Hut Dimensions

What is the correct size that a shepherd's hut should be? Find out the modern day dimensions that Plankbridge uses to build their huts here.
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Shepherd's Hut Cladding

Learn more about the colours, options and creative ways you can use to clad your shepherd's hut here.
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A Shepherd's Hut Roof

Learn about the construction of a shepherd's hut roof, from the designs used originally by Victorian huts to the modern models you'll find in a Plankbridge hut.
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Thoughts on the shepherd’s hut wheel

Everything you wanted to know about shepherd's hut wheels from their traditional origins to how they're manufactured in the modern day, told by master hut-maker, Richard Lee.
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