The Swallowtail Hill Roundhouse

The Roundhouse at Swallowtail Hill

Who said glamping is just for summer? Our love affair with the humble shepherd’s hut is far from seasonal, as many of us have been wooed by their rustic charm and versatility. With our burning desire for escapism and quirkiness during the winter months, Plankbridge’s newest creation – The Roundhouse makes for the perfect winter retreat.

The Roundhouse stands up to extreme weather (including the British elements) as its conical cedar shingle roof makes it wind resistant whilst the circular formation provides extra structural strength and flexibility. And for anyone wanting their own Roundhouse hideaway, with 20% less exterior wall space heating and cooling bills are automatically reduced.  

A Roundhouse Retreat

Stationed an hour outside of London at Swallowtail Hill, the luxury hideaway has been hand-crafted with couples in mind. The latest addition to the Plankbridge collection provides a year-round solution to glamping getaways.

Nestled deep within the woodland, inside The Roundhouse you’ll discover a king size bed looking out of a floor-to-ceiling window, providing the perfect lookout to an ever-changing view of the woods. The bespoke Plankbridge hut comes equipped with a fully functioning rustic kitchen, table and bench seating for romantic meals in and, if things start to get a little chilly, look to the wood burning stove to keep you cosy. The Roundhouse also offers the use of a wood-fired hot tub - making it the picture-perfect haven for those wanting a private slice of the countryside.

Low season breaks at The Roundhouse start from £280 for a two-night stay, to book please head to Roundhouse Commissions from Plankbridge start from £55,000.

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