Designed for living, built for life: about our shepherd’s hut lifespans

Ever wondered about shepherd’s hut lifespans? With a lifetime guarantee and quality aftercare, a Plankbridge shepherd’s hut will always be there for the moments that matter. Month after month, year after year and from one generation to the next. Come and find out how we build our huts to ace the test of time.

The Victorians knew how to do it

In the early years of Plankbridge we restored many Victorian-era shepherd’s huts that were well over 100 years old. On many occasions the hut was a treasured family relic, with owners fondly recalling former relatives or ‘the old shepherd sitting on the steps’. Father Time can often be a cruel judge. But the fact that the core components on these shepherd’s huts were still usable – all those years later – continues to inspire our material choices today.

Plankbridge huts are based on the quintessential Victorian shepherd’s hut construction – and are built to last. Whether it’s the molten cast iron wheels, the powder-coated and shot-blasted steel chassis or the curved corrugated iron roof. As for the longevity of the doors, let’s just say the oldest door in Britain is an oak plank door at Westminster Abbey, dating back to around 1032 AD. And what do we use for our shepherd’s hut doors? You guessed it. Good old English oak.

Made by expert craftsmen

The unmistakable smell of English oak timber being cut to size. The sparks flying as red-hot iron is smashed on the anvil. Our workshop is a place of meticulous craftsmanship. Together our team have many decades of experience and share formidable expertise. Expertise that is channelled into every hut.

After all, knowledge is power. But only when it’s shared.

It’s why we regularly get together to exchange craft skills through training sessions and creative workshops. This meeting of minds empowers us to be formidable makers, engineers and problem solvers – with each person contributing to exceptional craftsmanship. We like to think that’s why we are the only shepherd’s hut maker to have been endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society.

Choose the shepherd, not the sheep.

Timeless quality. Guaranteed.

Life can be unpredictable. Your shepherd’s hut won’t be. We’re so confident in the exacting standards of our expert craftsmen that Plankbridge huts come with a lifetime guarantee on all materials. In the unlikely event of any structural defects, you can be certain of a free callout to make it right. We can also discuss commercial warranties if you are going to be using your hut for business.

A spectacular space indoors – for your outdoors

A Plankbridge hut is more than a shell. From charming bedrooms to home spas, we create spaces that are a joy to hunker down in. The experience of our furniture team is unrivalled – many of them having worked in some of the country’s most eminent furniture workshops. With ingenious use of space as our hallmark, you can go wherever your imagination takes you in designing a shepherd’s hut that you love. A forward-thinking space where time-honoured heritage meets modern style.

Designed to go where you go

Shepherd’s huts don’t have foundations. Wherever you go, your hut can go too. Plankbridge huts hitch effortlessly onto a tractor or 4×4 and can turn through near-360o thanks to the steering plate – making on-site repositioning simple. Moving house? Your hut can be transported on a low-loader or flatbed trailer. And we can guide you every step of the way if you want an extra pair of hands. Home is where the hut is.

Built for making memories

Remember those Victorian restorations we mentioned at the start of the article? We witnessed many nostalgic tears as the past transitioned to the present and we turned old working shepherd’s huts into spaces for grandchildren to spend adventurous nights. Spaces for guests to enjoy a little privacy. Spaces for couples to enjoy a home spa.

We believe in continuing the tradition of keeping huts in the family. Indeed our huts are so durable that they are not just for you, but your loved ones too. In time your hut can become a family heirloom. A place for recalling fond memories as well as creating new ones. A tangible connection between generations past and those still to come. There’s a lot to love about that.

Hunker down with a Plankbridge hut

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