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Shepherd's Hut Insurance

Protecting Your Plankbridge Hut with shepherd’s hut insurance

It is obviously important, as with all investments, to make sure your shepherd’s hut is insured properly. Some insurers will cover the hut like any other garden building as part of the house insurance, so checking with your current insurance provider is your first port of call. If however the hut is separate to your dwelling, in a remote field or wood for example, then it might be trickier.

There are specialist insurers, such as Love Your Hut, which began by insuring beach huts and has since extended their offering to include shepherd's huts. Whilst there is an increased premium which reflects the remoteness of the structure, it is a price worth paying for the peace of mind that your special place is adequately protected.

There are some hidden ways that the steering can be locked up, which will help foil the efforts of a determined villain. I have seen various methods of increasing the security over the years, such as chaining a hut down to a concrete pad. A motorbike lock can work well as the U shape will slide through a wheel spoke and around the axle bracket. You may be asked how the hut is to be secured and we can advise you further on this. The doors on a Plankbridge shepherd’s hut are fitted with a 5 lever mortise lock, and perhaps a single door is more secure than double doors if the hut is in a very remote or vulnerable position. The wood burner and flue pipe may catch the eye of passers-by; a hut with no obvious valuables left inside is of little interest. In remote places maybe it’s a good idea to landscape or position the shepherd’s hut in such a way that the structure is hidden from view.

How much does shepherd's hut insurance cost?

There are a lot of factors which can influence the price of your insurance premium. The location, age, structural quality of your hut and how it is secured to the ground can all impact the price you pay. You also may need to factor in the value of the contents that are stored in your hut. We have, only a couple of times, made external shutters on request: I don’t like these as they just invite curiosity from nefarious characters who would simply wonder what was inside.

Business owners may also like to benefit from cover for loss of earnings as well as protection for guests’ possessions. Love Your Hut can provide a bespoke policy for all sorts of different circumstances.

You can get a quote for shepherd’s hut insurance here.