Putting cosy to the test

The eagle-eyed amongst you may remember that I wrote about a lovely stay at Tokenhill Dorset back in late summer when the weather was an awful lot warmer than it is now. Having previously stayed in the Spindleberry Hut, in the interests of research I was keen to return to this beautiful corner of Dorset to find out what it’s like in the depths of winter. Would the Hurdlemaker’s Hut, one of the smaller models of the two huts, with its cosy wood-burning stove, stand up to the Dorset winter weather? Could I evoke that cosy Cabin feel that our hut owners enthuse about? There was only one way to find out…

Having trundled along the country lanes down from Bath, my partner Cam and I pulled into the farm in a scene reminiscent of the movie, The Holiday. Surrounded by rolling hills and trees with just a few autumn leaves still clinging on, Hurdlemaker’s Hut is the farthest side of a large field and feels totally secluded. Overnight bags in, we wasted no time lighting the wood burner with the kindling and logs provided by the owner Jane, waiting for that nostalgic whistle of the kettle on the hob to make our mugs of hot chocolate with marshmallows.

Next morning, after a piping hot shower – that touch of real holiday luxury – I rustled up some pancakes with yoghurt and stewed fruit, while Cam headed to Tokenhill’s shepherd’s hut shop to buy some local bacon and eggs for his breakfast. Making good use of all the facilities, we enjoyed an outdoor bath under the stars later that day (with complimentary Bramley bubble bath) and an owl just a few meters away in a hedgerow for company. The perfect end to the day.

So how would I rate the Hurdlemaker’s Hut at Tokenhill on the cosy scale now that I’ve been able to experience it for myself one very chilly night in late November? Insulated with Thermafleece sheep’s wool and with the log burner crackling gently away I’d say a very definite 10/10. To echo one of the many positive guest reviews: ‘It’s well located, comfortable, cosy and peaceful – just what we needed for a few days out of town.’ I couldn’t put it better myself.

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