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Cabin Fever

Would You Choose a Sustainable Shepherd's Hut?

How green is your garden? From plastic seating and artificial grass, to toxic fertiliser and water-hogging sprinklers, as our gardens have morphed into plush entertaining spaces, they’ve paradoxically become more environmentally damaging.

It’s one of the reasons why Plankbridge shepherd’s huts are made to design principles that are good for both people and planet, all without diluting the all-important hut ‘wow’ factor.

Our workshop in Dorset is off-grid with solar panels on the roof and is run to low-waste and energy consumption principles and we have a carefully curated supply chain, featuring predominantly British business. We only use timber and sheet materials which carry certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) who promote sustainably managed forests worldwide. 

Our English oak is grown in Britain and whilst some materials such as Scandinavian redwood could be sourced from large wholesalers from further afield, we’ve remained loyal to local suppliers within a 10-mile radius for timber and fixings, keeping the value within the local economy.

Plankbridge huts are built to the same energy-saving practices that you’d find in modern building. Our hut walls are insulated with Thermafleece sheep’s wool, a natural building material that has negative carbon footprint and include breather membrane and vapour barrier so you are cosy or cool whatever the weather requires. Roofs made of corrugated iron (which was invented in 1850) offer energy efficiency, recyclability and extremely low maintenance requirements whilst the cast iron wheels on every hut are made in a local foundry.

Most importantly, in addition to being sustainably designed and manufactured, Plankbridge huts are built to last and be enjoyed for generations to come.  The team help move huts when owners relocate and huts can come back to the workshop to be reconfigured for a new purpose if desired.  With 2019 set to be the year of sustainability, it’s good to know a Plankbridge hut really is for life!

To discover more about our sustainably designed snugs and cabins, please book a workshop appointment.