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What would you use your shepherd's hut for?

It is a great part of your hut project - having decided on, or hankered after, a Plankbridge shepherd's hut it is time to decide what the best layout and design will be: will it have a specific purpose such as an home office or art studio, or will it be multi use? We have many huts out there being used as a place of work. For example a veterinary public relations company in the Chilterns, a virtual assistant helping small businesses in Cambridgeshire, a plant information centre in the Lake District to name but a few. All working, daily, in a Plankbridge shepherd's hut.



The majority of our shepherd huts have been multi purpose,  often with a single to double bed, wood burner, fold down table or knee hole desk and windows positioned to make the best of a view. This provides often much needed extra space for returning children, guests and somewhere to read the Sunday papers.

Our range, the Snug, Cabin and Custom Made covers all the ideas you may have, from a traditional 12' spare room through to 22' x 10' Cabin with cast iron bath, shower room and kitchen. We love helping you develop your ideas so do get in touch - we most likely will have a close layout already designed to start you off or we can start from scratch. Either way there's no need to look any further - we have the experience and enthusiasm to make your hut.