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#Gardengoals: How many are on your wishlist?

Our gardens are more than just outdoor sanctuaries. They’re spaces to relax, entertain and play. But where once manicured lawns and topiary trees would have been at the top of our gardening wish lists, these days we’re decidedly more creative.

We’ve asked our customers, friends and suppliers (in an entirely unofficial and downright casual survey) what would be on their wish-list to enhance their outdoor spaces this year. Here’s what came top of the wish list:

· A hand-crafted hut for the whole family to enjoy (well, of course it was going to be top of the list!)

· A tennis court (with a coach thrown in for free)

· BBQs are lovely but a fully equipped outdoor kitchen would be preferable.

· A moat wouldn’t go amiss!

· We’re old romantics at heart, with hammocks and swings on our wish lists.

· A garden folly or grotto.

· A cria herd of Llamas (yes, that’s what a group of Llamas is really called)

Share your #gardengoals with us on our social channels. We love seeing where your huts reside!